induction weekends

induction experience


The induction weekend (Ordeal) is the cornerstone of the Order of the Arrow (OA) experience. Every current and past member of the OA has participated in an Ordeal. To date, nearly 1 million Scouts and Scouters have participated in an Ordeal to become members of the order.

During this experience, time will be spent in cheerful service to one of the Old North State Council camps. This weekend will be an opportunity for each candidate to reflect upon one’s time in Scouting and to consider what they will do going forward.

Every induction weekend contains four key parts; service, taking a vow of silence, eating scant food, and spending a night away from others. All components of this weekend adhere to The Guide to Safe Scouting and are supervised by trained and qualified adults.

Please arrive between 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Friday. Arrival during this time is necessary to maintain COVID-19 mitigation policies as well as to prevent traffic issues. Please have BSA health form (parts A and B) and temperature log (see below) ready. Registration will be done in the parking lot upon arrival, before leaving your vehicle.

Departure will be 10:00 AM Sunday morning. Parents should arrive promptly and wait in the parking lot. Parents will not be permitted to enter camp. Scouts should have everything they need for the weekend when they check in Friday evening, including money to purchase memorabilia in the Trading Post.​

Please complete and bring signed paper copies of this BSA health and medical record (parts A and B) and this pre-camp screening log. If you can not complete all 14 days of the log, complete as much as you can.

OA Candidates will be walking from the parking lot to group campsite, so do not pack excess items. Please bring the following items in one bag.

  • Medical form parts A and B
  • COVID-19 Pre-Camp Temperature Screening
  • Money for trading post
  • Work clothes (wear to camp Friday)
  • Appropriate footwear for work
  • Work gloves
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground cloth
  • Water bottle
  • Rain gear
  • Full Field (“Class A”) uniform**
  • Shower supplies**
  • Flashlight**
  • Tent**

**These items will be unavailable Friday night. They can be stored in your tent in your group campsite. Please pack appropriate clothing for the weather.

event registration

The cost of attending an Induction weekend as a candidate is $75 and includes:

  • All meals for weekend
    • Breakfast - Saturday
    • Lunch- Saturday
    • Dinner - Saturday
    • Cracker Barrel – Saturday Night
    • Breakfast - Sunday
  • Ordeal Sash
  • Brotherhood Sash (available after 6 months following Brotherhood conversion)
  • Order of the Arrow Handbook
  • Lodge pocket-flap
  • Dues for first year
  • Introductory materials for weekend