Brotherhood Conversion

Brotherhood Conversion

The Lodge is really interested in you taking the next step in your journey along the Order of the Arrow Trail. You were selected by your peers in your Unit as being worthy of this Honor. You have taken the first step in that journey by completing your Ordeal without flinching. Now it is time for you to consider that next step. You had no choice about being elected. Your peers took care of that for you! However, you do have control over this next step: Become a Brotherhood Member.

This is really the only choice that you can make in the Order on your own. The other honors are bestowed upon you by others (Mainly the Vigil Honor, the Founder's Award and the Distinguished Service Award). As the saying goes, the Ball is now in your Court. What will you do? Are you ready to take this next step? What do I have to do? Will it be hard?

Relax! The steps to becoming a Brotherhood Member are really not that tough. Here's all you have to do:

1. Be active as an Ordeal Member for 6 months and make sure that your lodge dues have been paid for next year. They only cost $15.00 per year.

2. Learn the Obligation (This can be found in your Order of the Arrow Handbook or here).

3. Learn the words to the Official Order of the Arrow Song (Also found in your Order of the Arrow Handbook or here).

4. Be able to demonstrate the handclasp, repeat the Obligation, state what the Admonition is and what it means, the symbol of our Order, and what WWW means.

This document (Brotherhood Questions) will help you prepare for your Brotherhood Conversion. You will also need to fill out the (Brotherhood Letter) and bring it with you to your Conversion.

Brotherhood Conversion is offered at the following events:

  • Spring Fellowship @ CSR
  • Spring Induction @ CSR
  • Fall Induction @CSR
  • Fall Fellowship @ CSR