Lodge Leadership


Ben Skidmore

Lodge Chief

Benjamin is a freshman at Brevard College. He has served as DT's chapter chief and has been very involved with IA, participating in ceremonies. He was the 2018 conclave chairman at Cherokee Scout Reservation. Benjamin is a vigil honor member, founders award recipient, and an eagle scout.



Lucas Hobbs

Lodge VC Program

Lucas is a junior at Randolph Early College High School in Asheboro. He has been involved in the OA for many years helping with program as well as many other things. Lucas works on staff at Cherokee Scout Reservation as a scoutcraft instructor.



Harrison Skidmore

Lodge VC Communications

Harrison is a Junior at Grimsley High School. He has served on the chapter level as VC of administration and has been very involved in AIA ceremonies for many years. He also served as the assistant for logistics and procurement at the 2018 conclave. He is currently a life scout working towards eagle.


Robbie Hurin

Lodge VC Administration

Robbie is a Senior at Grimsley High School. Robbie has served as Elangomat Chairman and Stew Chairman. He became an Eagle Scout in 2014. He has served on Staff at Camp Durant for two years.


Parker Stewart

Lodge VC Service

Parker is a Sophomore at Northern Guilford High School. He has been very involved in the Elangomat program and has been an Elangomat multiple time. He has served as VC of Program for DT Chapter and the Special Projects Chairman for the 2018 Conclave. He became an Eagle Scout in 2016.


Emmett Edwards

Lodge VC Indian Affairs

Emmett is a senior at Weaver Academy. He has been very involved in American Indian Affairs over the past years. He has served as a chapter VC of AIA, lodge VC of AIA, and as a ceremonial chair. Emmett is currently a life scout working towards eagle, and he is a vigil honor member.

Lodge Advisers


Sue Hampton

Lodge Adviser

Sue Hampton is currently serving as the lodge adviser. She has previously served as the medical officer for lodge events. She is currently the Old North State Council's International Representative. Sue was awarded The Vigil Honor in 1997.


Ann Jones

Lodge Staff Adviser

Ann Jones is currently the lodge staff adviser. As a professional, she also holds the position of Office Manager within the Old North State Council. Before she became a professional Scouter she was an avid volunteer within the lodge. Ann was awarded the Vigil Honor in 2004.

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