Stew Sale Fundraiser Information

lodge stew fundraiser

The 2017 Stew Sale Draws to a Close

Thank you for your selling and buying efforts. This sale is our only additional means of raising funds to support our Lodge's program and operation and helps us maintain our low event fees and quality program.

You may contact us by email at with any questions regarding our Stew Fundraiser.

Our lodge's stew sale is upon us again. This is the one time a year where our lodge raises money to support our operations and even gets you set up with a great winter meal! This page is here to give you access to the resources you need to make selling stew successful.

Order Deadline:

You must fill out the form at the bottom of this page by October 31 November 5 to receive your stew. The only information we need is the total # of quarts and your name to place the order.

Payment Details:

Each quart of stew is $ 7.

To make payment more simple while at camp we will only be taking cash. You must pay for the full order when you pick up your stew. To make this easier we suggest you collect money from your customers when they place the order.

Pick up/Delivery:

You will be responsible for picking up your stew during Fall Fellowship either on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (Nov. 11-12). To reduce complications you will also need to be responsible for delivering stew to your customers after pickup. You will need to pay for your entire quantity of stew before you receive your order.


Please contact for more information on the stew sale.


Stew Web Image

Stew sale tickets and an order tracking forms are available to assist you in managing and organizing your stew sales.

If the stew order entry form is not correctly displaying below, as may be the case on some browsers and mobile devices you can click here to open the order entry form in a new window.